Engraving Information

Engraving Types:

Standard Diamond Engraving:

This is usually engraving onto a small plate which is then fixed onto the award, or in the case of a medal directly onto the medal itself.

Rotary Diamond Engraving:

Used for Round items like Cups / Claret Jugs / Pewter Tankards

Rotary Glass Engraving:

Used for round items like Tankards / Wine or Whiskey Glasses. (can be Diamond Engraving or Sandblasting)

Glass Engraving / Etching:

Used for Glass plaques Jade or Crystal etc. (can be Diamond Engraving or Sandblasting)

Shield / Plaque / Salver Engraving:

This is similar to the standard diamond engraving except the engraving is usually directly onto the components 

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